Wednesday, 9 February 2011

219 points. Part 1.

After a long enforced absence due to having to write poetry for part of an assignment I have to produce; I was left with no option but to write about the rugby that took place at Chesham over the weekend.

It all started on Friday with the Wales v England game, we had a massive turn out at the club with loads of old boys joining the many young ones in what was a great atmosphere. I have to say it was a really memorable night it was nice to catch up and chat and generally enjoy the game. The result helps but it was just a good night, if a little drunken and we all strolled/stumbled into town and continued; old and young in the local pub.

Saturday started with a few sore heads and a lot of absences, with people being away, either skiing or just drinking. We were without 21 frontline players; however the club was still able to put out three teams. This achievement is truly remarkable and a great example of the work put in behind the scenes by club captains and team captains to put together sides that are able to compete. Admittedly sometimes you just have to put your hands together and pray that it all comes off and it did in startling fashion.

I watched the first team take on Banbury II’s and was so impressed with how the game was handled and the ferocity of the warm up, which had been missing for some time, was the marker of the no passenger’s policy that was going to be played out. When the game kicked off Chesham looked so in control and so dangerous. They used all their players well, and set a standard that they are going to have to improve on, and work hard to beat, in the tough games they have coming up. Let’s not beat around the bush the opposition were awful but no other team in the league has beaten them as comprehensively. It goes to show the strength in depth we are starting to find in the club. Our young prop, who has bags of talent to be a great player either in the pack or in the backs if he can just decide whether he can stop eating for 5 mins was a standout player. Another young player, playing full back for the first time, continued his impressive improvement, to score one of the best trys of the weekend. At half time with a commanding lead it’s easy to switch off and come out and ball watch in the hope of getting on the score sheet; Chesham didn’t do that they came out with even more focus and scored again early. The final score was 81-0 and set down a marker that a few teams will stand up and take notice of.

The seconds, playing against the team I spent 80 mins trying to fight on one of my first games and lost not only the fight but the game, continued the good news thumping them 54-7(or something similar). There the young man playing fly half put in his third quality performance in a row as he led his team around the park in a controlled and efficient manner while his forwards carried on their good work for 80mins as the clubs huge fitness improvements showed all around the field.

Our third team went away and faced a wily old team who know their stuff and battled hard but it was a bridge to far and despite great effort came away with a narrow defeat. A third team in the circumstance of the availability of the weekend for me though is a win despite the result and they will continue to build as we did in the seconds a few years ago.

I have had great days at Chesham rugby club, this season, more great ones than bad. This weekend was probably the best. To say that having not even laced up a boot I find quite remarkable. The more I watch the more inclined I am to leave my boots festering in the bag and end my playing days with past memories of 40 meter tries, a 5 try season and winning more games than I lost. Than actually trying to make yet another comeback and receive yet another injury. I had a lot of fun but I no longer have the desire to play and to be honest I am enjoying my role as a supporter and tee carrier.

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